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Why Photography Makes Me Happy! Read My Thoughts...

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

As a Palm Springs photographer working here in the Coachella Valley, and often in Los Angeles and Las Vegas — I truly love what I do! I’m heading into my fourth year of capturing what my eye sees using my trusty Canon camera and some incredible gear I’ve gathered through my adventures. Though portrait photography seems to be a strength, I produce many styles of imagery in my wheelhouse and during photoshoots. It’s hard for me to pinpoint just one style so I offer all of them!

My love for photography comes from early exposure to Instamatics, Polaroid and Disc Cameras from my parents’ collection. And as I type these words I remember I still have my father’s Nikon from the 70s in a box somewhere. I was even in the Photography Club in high school working in the darkroom developing my own black and white prints. Then came along disposable cameras and now we are all active photographers with today’s mobile phones. And as incredibly accessible the phones are today at capturing lowlight pictures and great cinematic video, there’s still no true race between a cell phone camera and a professional camera body and lens for rich quality and resolution. Though it’s closing in very slowly…

And that’s no judgment how someone captures their images! Pick up a camera and just shoot if it’s something in your veins and with me it is. I often use my iPhone 12 Pro Max to grab great shots on the fly and often b-roll style video on photoshoots for social media. It produces great imagery! I truly wish I had more time to photograph here in Palm Springs and around the area but with life comes the need to pay bills and often work a full time job unitl passions prevail. Monday through Friday I am a sales manager at a fitness facility and have been for 17+ years. It's rare evenings and weekends when I take time to be creative behind my lens even taking on commercial work and more!

I’d say I’m considered primarily a portrait photographer though as time goes people are learning more about what I can do. Other photographic styles on my résumé include real estate, retail and commercial, family and lifestyle, boudoir and fantasy, event, travel and landscapes. I’m always open to collaborating on projects when my schedule allows. I love what I do and try not to limit myself to one category or another.

My very first photography exhibition premiered last November and it was marvelous! As I begin planning my next, the excitement starts to build and I feel my creative senses tune in. That’s how I feel when I’m able to grab my camera and get creative. I start to get excited! Luckily with a great team along for the ride, I always thrive when a task calls for success.

I wanted to take a few moments to share who I am and what I’m all about as a photographer, and some personal tale. I’m refreshing this website after a minute of not touching it so the plan is to blog more and share a bit of what makes my camera shutter snap and create captures I’m super proud of! Thanks for following my work and showing interest in scheduling a photoshoot! I often travel, work locally, and can get up in go in just a few steps.Have a spot?! Let's shoot! X

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