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My Journey as a Professional Photographer in Palm Springs

My time behind the lens started as a younger self, grabbing my parents' Instamatic and Disc Camera. I then joined the Photography Club in high school where I got my hands wet in the dark room where we developed actual glossy prints. Disposable cameras were my thing and never left the house without one. I'm thankful for those pictures today! Then of course came the iPhone and its amazing capabilities. 

I've always had an eye for framing and composition. I noticed it long before I started taking photography as serious as I do today. I was doing an interview with a local entertainer for a magazine (I'm a writer, also!) and the publication mentioned they needed some photographs alongside. After fixing up a makeshift studio backdrop situation in the kitchen and a few box lights, we were shooting images that would be soon published. As I held the camera between setups I couldn't help but wonder, was this a missed opportunity? I was being published with my first true foray into photography. I decided then to dive head first and haven't looked back.

I've just reached my 4th year into my photography journey! I honestly grow with every photoshoot and interaction with models and clients alike. I've shot portraits, travel, retail and commercial, real estate, actor headshots and corporate parties. I don't place myself into any one category or bracket, though my style has become distinguishable as clean detailed portraiture and my business model as both serious and evolving. I love shooting photography!

Thanks for reading this far, and for your interest in my photography. :)

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